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SUZUKI Team Visit Our Company

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On 10th, September, 2015, our Indian SUZUKI team visited our campany.
There are
technical manager,product manager, technical engineer, QC engineer, ect.


This transfer die is designed and built for SUZUKI auto car metal clamp part. The transfer die have total 6 stations. And there is also an independent progressive blanking tool.

In order to met the rapid mass production, we designed the transfer die two-out cavity with the similar parts.

During Die Trial

In the morning, customers first visit our workshop, including stamping die and parts making room; plastic injection mold manufacturing shop. They evaluated our management highly.

As our leaders said, Strict management system is the foundation of a successful enterprise.

In the afternoon, we successfully carried out the mold trial, finished the final acceptance of this project. Then we discuss some new projects, hoping for more cooperation with each other in the future.


We also look forward to your joining.

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