Citroen 405ECS Motor Carbon Brush Holder Progressive Tool Featured

Made in Qingdao,China.
Used in Citroen 405 ECS;
Part Material: Cuzn;
Material Thickness:0.6mm;
Stages Quantity:17;
Toold Material: SKD11,Cr12mov;
Spart Parts: PUNCH,Misumi standard;
FOB Qingdao;
Payment: TT;

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Carbon Brush Holer Progressive Stamping Die

In order to guarantee the precision of the sizes, we use 17 stages to realize it. There are sereral idle stages for maintainance when necessary.

Carbon Brush Holer Progressive Stamping Die (2)
Use sliders to curle the parts.

Advantages of service:

1. Rich experience;

2. Resonable  die structure to save stamping die cost;

3. Quick-change system, you can repair or maintain the dies conveniently  when the dies on press machine;

4. In-house  for all the machining work;

5. One-stop service.

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